what is Near ?

A Collective
Consisting of an ever-expanding network of thousands of community members around the world.

The NEAR Community is made up of Innovators, Creators, Contributors, and, of course, a few wild cards. We’re all here to build a stronger ecosystem.

The NEAR Community provides a number of ways for you to start learning, earning and growing.
What the NEAR
Foundation Does
Existing for the purpose of fostering ecosystem development through grant funding.

While it shares a mission with the entirety of the NEAR Collective, the Foundation’s role in this is to realize a more specific vision

This vision requires that NEAR become the best ecosystem in the world on several fronts:
A Blockchain
NEAR is a development platform build on a sharded, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain designed for usability.

Read about NEAR economic decisions and the logic behind them.The paper that started it all. Read the original vision for the NEAR Blockchain.
Expertise &
We have wealth of trading experience on international stocks. Our responsible approach to work allows to cooperate with investors to increase their capital with no risks.

Our traders guarantee regular earning possibilities, timely payments, best trading terms using advanced informational and math tools. In-house our experts share insights and win-win strategies. Our investors are vouched for consistent profit that is estimated directly proportionally to financial funds entrusted to us. You can feel confident in company and your capital security.
NEAR HOLDINGS With the outstanding development, remarkable growth of projects under Near, and the mark of flying backwards beyond the market storm, affirming the position of the world's prestigious Top 30 and a series of moves in the 2022 Roadmap.
Near The direction promises to have room to increase strongly and develop a huge number of holders. NEH (Near Holding) opens a new parallel game for Near Holders on the principle of Profit Sharing, promoting resilience and creating growth value when expanding the community with attractive simple game rules. of Resonant Circle (resonant rotation).
We build a closed social network ecosystem based on a decentralized platform. NEH is a new technology platform, what we need is a strong community and grow together.

working with us you get

Highly qualified
technical support
We provide 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM GMT+4 technical support to advise our partners
Payments to your preferred electronic payment systems. Payment regulations are 48 working hours.
Minimum limit of
funds withdrawal
We offer to withdraw any amounts without any restrictions at any convenient time.
Flexible investment
Minimum investment amounts for new partners. Major capital receipt to be managed by skilled trader.
Well-thought web site design allows to check out our offers and choose type of cooperation with us as a partner.
Company partners get new earning opportunities via partners attracted to team.
Meeting and
Regular workshops and trainings are held to upgrade qualification, to advise, to consider and develop new strategies, to share expertise and knowledge. Joining us you do not only make passive profit but also progress as a personality.

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