Near Holding
NEAR is marked as the coin that goes against the market storm,becoming the top 30 prestigious Coin in the world with a series of moves in the 2022 Roadmap.
Along with the remarkable growth of projects using Near, Near Holding creates a new Decentralized Community.

Each participant is a validator node
Near Holding promises to own a huge number of holders, and to be growing strongly. Near Holding starts a new parallel game for Near Holders based on the principle of profit sharing, transparency, simplicity, attractiveness of Resonant Circle.
Each participant is a validator node, lined up in the expanded circle in rotation order.

Each person shares
Each time joining 8 NEAR which is transparently distributed by Smart contract on Blockchain, bringing to first 10 nodes on the top of the rotation.
We build a closed social network ecosystem based on a decentralized platform.
Near Holding is a new technology platform, what we need is a strong community and Resonant Growth.We provide the community with features suitable for many audiences, benefits created based on widespread sharing.
Each person shares and receives random portions, and then receives a round coupon. The pre-sale takes place in the third quarter of 2022.