Resonant Circle

NEH (Near Holding)
Opens a new parallel game for Near Holders on the principle of Profit Sharing, promoting resilience and creating growth value when expanding the community with attractive simple game rules.

Resonant Circle Participants in NEH's Resonant Circle will be a node, lined up moving in an extended circle, with 8 Near attendance transparently distributed by Smart contract on the Push Blockchain. to the top 10 nodes in the top of the rotation.

In addition to the rewards when queuing at the waiting room, the Nodes have more cash flow from actively expanding the system when they receive direct rewards from 1-8 evels when there are 1-6 F1.

Whenever you have 6 Direct Nodes, you will receive a ticket to the Private Sale round taking place in 3rd Quarter of 2022.

Each time giving in a Push session, a Node will receive a Reward of 20,000 NEH. NEH is a token of NEAR Holding community with high liquidity on the Pancake Swap exchange.

NEH has a growing liquidity pool with the number of Near Holding participarts.
14% : For The top 10 nodes – To The E-wallet
50% : For The top 10 nodes – The Contract For The Next Turn Locked
15% : Affiliate Program
8% : For Liquidity
1% : For Dev Team
8% : For The New Resonant Circle
4% : For Marketing
Affiliate Program:
F1 : 7% To The-Wallet
F2 : 3% To The-Wallet
F3 : 2% To The-Wallet
F4 : 1% To The-Wallet
F5 - F8 : 0.5% To The-Wallet
If you have F1 you will get 1 level, if you have 6 F1 you will get 8 levels.